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Wake up, Bronco Nation: 4-3-14

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It's always morning somewhere!

For instance, at the time I'm posting these morning links, it is morning in American Samoa. Wake up, America Samoa!

All the links that are fit to print

Rather than tell you one thing about each of them, I will tell you the same thing about all of them: Boise State football is awesome! So says the Statesman's mention of D.J. Dean and profile of Derrick Thomas and the Press-Tribune's bonus profile of Thomas. The Magic Valley Times-News went ahead and colleted all the spring awesomeness into one post for you, complete with this quote from Mike Sanford on Grant Hedrick:

He throws it as well as anybody I've been around.

Pretty sure Mike Sanford's been around Andrew Luck.

Thanks goodness someone gave Scott Huff a Twitter

He's doing great things with it.

Battle royale: Kellen Moore vs. Dan Orlovsky

The Lions signed Orlovsky presumably to compete with Moore for the backup duties in Detroit. Hmm, one quarterback is best known for winning 50 college football games and the other for running out the back of his own end zone.

ETCBrett Rypien's coming to town ... Hawaii football keeps getting stranger and stranger ... This dog.