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Big man signs at expense of local product

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

College sports are a business. We're reminded of that at every turn. Of course, we're always fed that line when something unfortunate happens, and this certainly fits the bill. With the commitment of 6'11" center Zach Haney last night, it became clear that the Broncos would be losing at least one guy from the current roster...they had to—Haney put them over the limit. Now we know that Latvian import Edmunds Dukiulis and Melba grad Joey Nebeker will not be returning, and Nebeker, for one, isn't too pleased about it.

“I’m feeling shocked still,” Nebeker said Wednesday night. “It definitely caught me off guard. I got pulled out of lifting weights and was told I wouldn’t be part of the team. It’s very difficult to handle. I thought I’d be here for five years. I feel a little cheated."


Okay,'s a "business", but it's also an institution of higher learning...making this a tough situation all around. Sure, if I don't perform at the office, I can be let go...but I don't have to sit out a year before moving into the office across the street and my employer doesn't really get much say as to where I can take my "talents" (or lack thereof). If, indeed Nebeker's walking papers were not his choice, it's a darn shame that NCAA rules will dictate his next stop. Talk player unions all you like, but there are much lower hanging fruit that could be reformed by the NCAA and they could start with guaranteed schollies.

Your turn

What are your thoughts on this situation? Should athletic scholarships be performance-based like their academic counterparts? Were you even aware that scholarships were renewable on a yearly basis?