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Rushmore years

Get out your chisel and rock hammer

The 2014 Broncos team doesn't really have the feeling of an "all-time" team. The Broncos could surprise people and overachieve and potentially become a true team to remember, but expectations are tempered a bit given the "new system" mulligan and the fact that last season was so unexpectedly dismal. Still, the Broncos have a couple of all-timers playing on the 2014 team—two guys that may soon get to chisel their faces on the Broncos' Mt. Rushmore at their respective positions—or at least hire someone to.

The first, Matt Miller, should have a spot virtually assured on the granite wide receiver monument, and with another stellar year, could make a good argument to occupy the "George Washington spot". Miller set a Boise State record for receptions in 2013 with 88 and now sits just 13 receptions shy of Austin Pettis' newly-minted career receptions record of 229. Lest you forget, Rushmore has spots for just four faces, so is Miller's visage already chiseled regardless of his 2014 output? Who are the other occupants? Here's my WR Rushmore as of today, so wake Gutzon Borglum from cryo-sleep.

(in no particular order)

  • Austin Pettis
  • Titus Young
  • Don Hutt
  • Matt Miller

(Just up the road, at a lesser-known site)

  • Ryan Ikebe
  • Kipp Bedard
  • Lou Fanucchi
  • Jeremy Childs

The second, Jay Ajayi, has a little further to go to start chiseling, but given his 6.2 yard/carry career rushing average it looks like he'll make it, and possibly without having to exhaust all four years of eligibility. Remember, there are just FOUR spots and I'm not too eager to bump any of the current four off the rock face. As Runningback Rushmore (Rushingmore?) currently stands:

  • Cedric Minter
  • Ian Johnson
  • Brock Forsey
  • Doug Martin

Yikes! I feel confident that Minter's spot on Rushmore is secure and Johnson and Forsey have some pretty impeccable career resumés, not to mention some lofty records. Seems strange to say it so soon after the fact, but I think that Doug Martin's spot on Rushmore is the most tenuous currently. Sure, he's the first Bronco running back to be selected in the NFL draft's first round, as well as the first running back to play in the Pro Bowl, but Martin did the most of his damage in just two seasons as a starter and only 3 seasons were really spent at running back. Furthermore, although Martin twice broke the 1,200 yard barrier, Ajayi's 1,425 yards from scrimmage in 2013 have already surpassed that…and that was only his first year as full-time starter. Martin will always be the superior all-purpose back, in my opinion…but if our Rushmore is based on collegiate production, Ajayi can certainly nudge Martin from his spot. If Jay stays healthy, and has another season like the last, I think his spot can be delicately carved. If he returns for his senior season, break out the dynamite—we're going deep into the rock face.

Given scenario outline above, Bronco RB Rushmore would look thusly:

  • Cedric Minter
  • Ian Johnson
  • Brock Forsey
  • Jay Ajayi

Again, if Ajayi finds his way onto the monument, the secondary shrine up the road would hold these luminaries:

  • Doug Martin
  • Chris Thomas
  • David Hughes
  • John Smith

Your turn

How close are this duo to the monument? Would your Rushmores look different? Did I miss some obvious rock puns?