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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 4-17-14

Mountain West Softball

Good morning, Bronco Nation. Today has some great news to get us through Thursday, so lets dive straight in.


The greatest news is to hear that our first game at home will be a late game. Who doesn't love sitting under those lights and cheering our hearts out for Boise State? This is great news in my book.

Leading In California:

Townsend is leading in the Decathlon. Townsend is a senior who is putting out some impressive numbers for his final time in California Invitational

VERY Important Series:

The Broncos host the SJSU Spartans in a pivital series this weekend. With a solid performance this weekend the Broncos can capture the first place slot in the Mountain West. Come cheer on these women as they look to show what they all know they can do.

Okay, Bronco Nation. That's all I have for you today. Good luck at work today and remember.

It's great to be alive, Its great to be a Bronco.