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What's in Boise State's proposed Stadium Expansion?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Statesman's Brian Murphy turned up an interesting nugget an hour or so ago. Murph snagged Boise State's capital improvement plan to the State Board and included in the plan was $28M for Bronco Stadium improvements/expansion in fiscal year 2018. Now, the details of this plan will be made public in short order, I assume—but in the meantime, I think it's only right that we speculate as to what they might be. It's going to be a long four years.

First off, an idea we can ALL get behind



  • Water table precludes us from lowering the the field will actually be raised onto floating platform. Not practical, but will make going out of bounds a lot more interesting.
  • Golden idol statue of Kellen Moore in front of entrance D.
  • Jumbotron synced to Dan's HBOGO account.
  • No more troughs in east side bathrooms. Really nice buckets instead.
  • Crêpe stations.
  • Field turf made from crushed up Fabergé eggs.
  • Electric prods attached to seats for anyone not standing during goal line stands.
  • Hot Dog Races return, but animation done by Industrial Light and Magic.
  • Corey Barton Touchdown House returns, but with several more stories added (and a pool).
  • T-shirt cannons fully weaponized.
  • Drones will bring you your Chicago Connection personal pan pizza.
  • Each entrance will be equipped with a Mark May detector.
  • Automatically widening goalposts for overtime games.
  • Fully reclining bleachers.
  • Whatever they aren't doing to the Kibbie Dome.