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Boise State spring game recap: Hooray for football

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

What does one hope to learn from a spring game exactly? I posit "nothing."

And that's okay. Spring games are meant to celebrate football, to crack that giant champagne bottle of good luck against the hull of a shoulder-padded ship we're sending off to summer. Au revoir, football! Attack the offseason.

All this to say, it's kind of hard to watch a spring game with a critical eye. It's far easier to watch it laid back in the bleachers, trying to figure out how to hashtag your selfie's way onot the Jumbotron.

Here are my takeaways, whilst taking selfies:

Shifts! The Boise State offense shifted on the first play from scrimmage and followed up that shift with a motion. Good heavens, it was glorious.

Tight ends! There were two of them on the field at the same time.

No huddle! The Broncos ran shifts and motions and no huddle, all in the same offense, all in the same drive. I got rather used to Chris Petersen playing vanilla as could be. Harsin could have been vanilla, too, but he was vanilla in a waffle cone. Much more entertaining.

Halftime adjustments! The Broncos didn't run the football worth beans in the first half, so the adjustment at halftime was to run, run, and run some more. My idea of a great halftime adjustment is when coaches make the adjustments I think they should make, and no, this is neither a fair nor good way to evaluate a coaching staff.

Expectations! Well, we got somewhat of a taste of the excitement surrounding this year's team, at least as much taste as you can take away from attendance numbers. It wasn't the 20,000 that Harsin wanted. It wasn't a record-setter. Grant Hedrick is not the Jonas Brothers' wattage of a Kellen Moore. Let's revisit this at the fall scrimmage.

Your thoughts! I'd love to hear your takeaways from the scrimmage, too. Share them in the comments.

(One of the best takeaways from spring scrimmage is who made the first and second teams. Here's that for ya.)

Offensive starters:

QB Grant Hedrick

WR Shane Williams-Rhodes, Matt Miller, Dallas Burroughs

RB Jay Ajayi

TE Jake Roh

OL Archie Lewis, Mario Yakoo, Marcus Henry, Travis Averill, Stephen Baggett

Defensive starters:

DT Tyler Horn, Justin Taimatuia

DE Beau Martin, Gabe Perez

LB Blake Renaud, Chris Santini

N Corey Bell

S Darian Thompson, Jeremy Ioane,

CB Donte Deayon, Jonathan Moxey

Did not play:

Taylor Loffler, Cameron Hartsfield, Connor Peters, Andrew Tercek, Tanner Shipley, Holden Huff, Tanner Vallejo, Tyler Gray, Tyler Saxton, Chanceller James, Ben Weaver.