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Get to know new Boise State secondary coach Julius Brown

This theme of homecoming is thick on the Boise State staff. The majority of coaches have ties to the program as former coaches and former players, and Brown is no different (save for a coaching stop at a Boise high school - take that, other returning coaches!). That the Broncos brought back a former member of DBU to coach the DBs hints at a return to the glory days of shutdown corners and NFL draft picks. We may as well scrub from our memories the pump-fake barrage of TCU back in 2011. Done and done. With Brown and Marcel Yates running things, I'd expect a return to glory - which is what I expect every offseason from now to forever.

Boise State job


Who had his job last

Jimmy Lake

Brought on in the twilight of Petersen's Boise State days, Lake stuck with the man who brought him to Boise and let that man bring him to Seattle also. Maybe Coach Pete will go to Disneyland next. That would be fun for Jimmy Lake!

Playing history

Boise State defensive back, 2000-2003

Coaching history

  • Capital High School defensive backs, 2006
  • Boise State graduate assistant and director of player personnel, 2007-2010
  • Troy cornerbacks coach, 2012
  • Arkansas State cornerbacks coach and recruiting coordinator, 2013

He is one of these three people. Can you guess which one?

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Julius Brown's latest Tweet

Last book he read

O.S. the five-part autobiographical series by Orlando Scandrick


ed's note: This post is part of an introductory series on the new Boise State coaching staff. Here's the rest of the group: