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Wake up, Bronco Nation: 3-27-14

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Shane Williams-Rhodes can be rebuilt!

Everyone's favorite Boise State player they're taller than is recovering nicely from ankle surgery to repair torn ligaments, surgery that was an encore to a broken hand suffered in last year's fall camp. Imagine him at 100% this season, doing whatever it is that Mike Sanford will have him do (probably shift, go in motion, then catch a touchdown).

Sweet Sixteen starts tonight

Games kick off at 5:15 (I know I said "kickoff." Cut me some slack. I miss football so much.)

Northwestern's football team can unionize

Whatever that means!

Want to book Marcel Yates' hotels for him?

Boise State is looking for a football operations coordinator - and it could be you! (If you enjoy travel planning, Photoshopping recruiting posters, working nights and weekends, etc.)

Closed eyes, head first, can't lose

Me, too, Joey Martarano. Me, too.

ETC:  Dad bracket ... Beat a team, steal a player ... These puppies.