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Wake up, Bronco Nation: 3-20-14

Bryan Harsin talks about everything

Well, everything except ...

Arizona State starting wide receiver to transfer to Boise State

Harsin did neither confirm nor deny this nugget of news, but ASU's Richard Smith - the wide receiver in question - confirmed it himself. He will transfer to Boise State, sit out the 2014 season, and begin catching touchdowns and blocking downfield in 2015.

Jay Ajayi confirms our greatest hopes

This new offense is a lot different than the offense we ran last year.

You had me at "new offense."

Chris Carr retires from the NFL but still lives forever in my Madden 07 on the Gamecube

Congrats to Chris Carr on a long, successful NFL run. I'd like to RSVP for two to the retirement party.

You guys like wrestling?

Boise State's J.T. Felix is looking forward to great things - possibly All-American things - at this week's NCAA championships.

One of my favorite ways to pick a tourney bracket: The football way

SB Nation's Jason Kirk went with Michigan State as his March Madness champion based on the fact that Michigan State plays better football than all the rest. Makes sense to me!


ETC: Ole Miss could have a 300-pound starting quarterback ... This Wheel of Fortune miracle ... This dog.