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Old Timey Spring Camp Report: Week 2

Week two of Spring camp is under-way and ole Melvin Q is here to spill the sap. Yesterday's gale kicked up more than a few hobos, it also brought some good foot-ball back to the azure acreage of Boise, Idaho.

Say good-bye to talkies

Foofaraw! Some bluenose has deemed it inappropriate for us press hounds to record sound at practices, meaning I hauled all these gramophone discs down here for nothing!

Wooden nickel

I like the looks of Marcel Yates new "Jitney Defense" that employs more flankers in the defensive backfield. One fellow that has been standing out is Corey "Java" Bell, who rang several bells of his own in one-on-ones. The preceding pun brought to you by the Chelsea Milling Company. "Chelsea Milling Company—get your cakes in a JIFFY".

Finally. Finley.

Quaterback Ryan Finley has been making a bit of hay in Spring proceedings and it's good to see since last season saw him inactive due to a shoulder malady or diptheria or some such. The lanky slinger has been jake as far as this reporter is concerned and believe you me, I'm on the level.

Rugged runners

Maybe I'm on the giggle water, but it appears to me that wingbacks are getting larger and larger. Jay "Jukebox" Ajayi seems to have gained weight since last Spring and Derrick "Gentleman Masher" Thomas is more Primo Carnera than Luis Firpo. When it came time to tackle one of these behemoths, I'd probably give them the old "off to iron my shoelaces" routine and then never return.

Keen on Kamalei

In practice after practice, I'm drawn to the play of one Kamalei Correa. I'm not familiar with the origins of his last name, but I assume it's Ottoman?

Goofy over Grant

Level-headed playcalling from the spiffy signal-caller from what I've seen. I'm still not on this "for-ward pass" trolley, but you know how the saying goes, "When in Rome...say hello to Francesco Nitti."

Mighty Mite

Still impressed by the play of Shane Williams Hy-phen Rhodes who has so much wiggle on the field, you'd swear he was in the Ziegfeld Follies. Time and again, you'll think the lilliputian wingback is done for and then Harry Houdini!, out he comes and it's "See ya, Sally...and sorry about the dress."