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Spring Camp begins: An old timey perspective.

Melvin Q. Marsh back from a year-long hiatus that took me to parts unknown, and a few known parts as well, but that's neither here nor there! The important thing is the Darb has me back on the company dime and I'm ready to dish some foot-ball dirt for the broadsheet. Let's shake a leg!

Big Cheese Bryan

As you are probably aware, the Bronco squadron has a new skipper this Spring in one Bryan "no nickname as-of-yet" Harsin. The new honcho is young, but he's no dewdropper…I hear he was up at 0'dark thirty this AM preparing for the day. Doesn't sound like fun to this old newsman, but that's why he's getting the heavy sugar and not yours truly!

Walking wounded

A lot of no-shows for Spring ball this year and a few big names among the ranks. I don't recall seeing this many injured since Verdun, but unless loss-of-limb is imminent, I'd advise these youngsters to throw some horse liniment on it and get a wiggle on.

A swell strength-man

Took a moment to punch the bag with Boise State's new strength-man Jeff Pitman, and I can tell you he is the Real McCoy. It's clear that Pitman's conditioning program has been nothing short of a sockdollager for the youths…as evidenced by a good many of them pulling a Daniel Boone after going through with Pit's punishment. If this isn't a more hard-boiled team come August, I'll eat my hat!

Jeepers Creepers Jay!

One fellow who appears to be in for a big year is Bronco wingback Jay Ajayi. The big back appears faster and more determined this Spring. If you don't think he'll amount to much this season…I've said it before…tell it to Sweeney!

You slay me, Santini

What a hot sketch this Chris Santini is! I still am not overly fond of I-talians but this one's quite the cut up! Laughing Out Loud!

A heaping helping of hyphens

During my sojourn in Borneo, I see that the Broncos squadron added another hyphenated hoofer by the name of Dylan Sumner-Gardner who joins the ranks of the be-dashed Shane Williams-Rhodes and Rees Odhiambo-Johnson. This young lad cuts quite a figure and in the defensive secondary appears to really know his onions.

Musical mavens

Whomever is manning the jukebox at Bronco Stadium needs a lesson or two in taste. Sure, the boys respond pretty well to the hits of the day performed by rappists by the names of Heezy or Sneezy or some such…but I brought a freshly pressed Blue Amberol Cylinder of Jelly Roll Morton that I think will get these kids really up and at 'em.

A renewed vigor

This old newsie is no shrink, but I think what ailed last season's team was a bit of laziness. Sure, they put on like Joe Brooks, but their mentality was more "let George do it". Well, no more. The flivvers have been given the bum's rush and this years gang is really on the trolley. You can hear their whoops and hollers of enthusiasm before you even approach the grid-iron. Like Gene Tunney taking on Harry Greb, this team won't be denied. By the way, whatever happened to Harry Greb?