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2014 Boise State MWC Tournament Primer

The Boise State Broncos open up MWC Tournament against San Jose State at 8:00pm MST. Before we get into the game and outlook for the Tournament, let's take a look back at the season brought to you by some sweet, sweet tunes.

Segment 1

"Let the Good Times Rolls"


W 116- 87 University of Texas-Arlington

W 110-53 Simpson University

W 86-68 Seattle University

W 100-80 University of New Orleans

W 98-89 dUI

W 76-60 Portland State

W 69-67 University of Utah

W 80-52 Carroll College


The Broncos can do no wrong and look like World Beaters.

Segment 2

"The Pretender"


L 70-55 University of Kentucky

L 82-74 St. Mary's


Uh oh. Boise State plays and subsequently loses handily to the first two legitimate basketball teams they've played all year. #PaperTiger

Segment 3

"Take Me Down to Paradise City"


W 62-61 University of Hawai'i

W 80-54 South Carolina

L 70-66 Iowa State


The Hawaiian Islands seemed to bring out the best in the Broncos. Winning a close one against UF, dominating SC and then falling to what has turned out to be a really good basketball team in Iowa State. Of course, the UH was just a preview of a season filled with down-to-the-wire finishes.


Segment 4

"Somebody That I Used to Know"


W 86-79 Fresno State

L 69-66 San Diego State

L 52-50 Wyoming


Meh. Not a great start, but not horrible either. But, shouldn't Boise State have won each of these? Is a long winning streak "somebody I used to know?"

Segment 5

"Wake Up"


W 74-65 Nevada

W 78-74 Utah State

L 84-75 New Mexico

W 76-55 San Jose State

W 69-58 Air Force


This was more like it. Dropping a game at The Pit was nothing to worry about plus they won the games they were supposed to.

Segment 6

"Welcome to Heartbreak"


L 73-69 UNLV

L 67-65 San Diego State

L 76-70 Utah State


Three frustratingly close games including two in which Boise State gave up large second half leads.

Segment 7

"Let's Get It Started"


W 71-70 New Mexico

W 84-72 Colorado State

W 91-90 UNLV


The past is the past. After the previous three letdowns, it seemed like the Broncos had turned a corner. It certainly felt like Lady Luck was on their side with the replay-saving victory against UNLV.

Segment 8

"The Art of Losing"


L 76-56 Fresno State

W 72-63 Wyoming

L 83-81 Nevada

L 64-61 Air Force


Finishing the regular season on a seven game winning-streak was just what the doctor ordered. Except, nobody told the players and the Broncos dropped three of four to inferior opponents; although, that's not what the standings suggest after the late-season slide resulting in a sixth-place finish for Boise State.

Segment 9 - The Postseason

So, here we are at the eve of the MWC Tournament. Realistically, the Broncos' play will determine one of three courses for the remainder of the season. They are:


"The Man Comes Around"

Losing in either the first or second round would certainly do it. You have to pay the Piper for poor play. #Alliteration


"Mess Around"

Likely guaranteed a spot, albeit having to go on the road, in the NIT if the Broncos make it to the Championship game but fall. Not good, not bad, you get to shake your leg, but it's just not what you had envisioned for your season.

NCAA Tournament

"We are the Champions"

A post-season run to the Championship is certainly possible. It would make for a great story that even Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson would appreciate.

Game Information

Time: 8:00pm MST

TV: Online Only

Opponent: San Jose State (7-23, 1-17 MW)

Your thoughts in the comments...