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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 3-11-14

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Spring football IS underway

The Boise State football team is back and so is the media, sort of. If you're looking for practice reports...they are going to be scarce for a while (until Melvin Marsh arrives), but many a photo was taken at yesterday's fall camp opening and a few interviews conducted...which thanks to the Statesman and this new website called youtube (primarily cat videos), you may watch below.

Watkins, Drmic make MWC 2nd team

Which is okay except for the fact that Watkins was ROBBED. Watkins had double-doubles in 12 of the 18 conference games, was the only player in MWC HISTORY to have at least 200 points and 200 rebounds...oh, and he outrebounded (104) the entire Wyoming basketball team (86) in conference play. This is a travesty of the highest order.

Anthony Drmic doesn't get American television

And neither do I. What I REALLY don't understand is how anyone MAKES you watch a show. I mean, I don't MAKE my wife watch Walking Dead and she doesn't MAKE me watch Say Yes to the Dress. This is the trade off, Anthony.

Lunatic breaks ribs, still plans on lunaticking

"Big Ed" Beckley, the Texas daredevil who holds a permit to jump the Snake River Canyon, broke his ribs in a motorcycle crash in New Mexico, but still plans to "jump" the canyon in the future. Which brings me to future news item: RIP "Big Ed" Beckley.