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Boise State gets first 2015 commitment, is addicted to commitments

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With the warm fuzzies still warm from yesterday's Signing Day for the 2014 recruiting class, Boise State attacked its 2015 recruiting class by receiving a verbal commit from Fruitland offensive lineman Garrett Larson, teammate of Joe Martarano and 100 other former Fruitland players on the current Boise State roster. The 6-foot-4, 245-pound Larson will go to junior-senior prom two more times before he joins Boise State, and he'll start in Fruitland's trenches for a fourth consecutive year. Then it's off to college, should the year 2015 actually happen and the Earth not be consumed in a giant clerical error stemming from Jim Delany's handling of a football playoff.

Coaches describe Larson in the most glowing of lineman terms:

He's a little on the mean side.

Larson was also getting interest from BYU, which must have thought, "No hurry, we've got time. It's only February 2014."