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Where all the best Idaho high school players ended up

Hint: Not the University of Idaho

Idaho will never be mistaken for California or Florida when it comes to recruiting or inversions, but nevertheless, many good football players graduate from the Gem State every year and people do choose to move here even when the sun doesn't shine for a good two weeks. This post is about those good football players and not the weather. Although, how nice has this weather been lately, amirite?

ESPN ranks the best players by state, and they went so far as to name a whole six guys from Idaho. Here is that list, free from any mention of the Vandals except in token, hilarious scholarship offers made during salsa-fueled vision quests.

1. DE Don Hill - USC

2. TE Chase Blakely - Boise State

3. OT Matt James - Washington

4. WR/DB Kekoa Nawahine - Boise State

5. DB Khalil Oliver - Oregon

6. TE Jake Knight - Oregon State

The Idaho Statesman's Rachel Roberts tracked down a truckload of other Idaho high school commits. It's notable if you had forgot that College of Idaho was starting a football team.