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Huge Wednesday for Boise State football and basketball

It's the most wonderful Wednesday of the year

Ethan Miller

Your Wednesday might look a lot like mine:

Wake up, shower, eat Pop-Tarts.

Get geeked about Boise State football.

Celebrate National Signing Day with the official announcement of Boise State's best recruiting class of all-time.

Get geeked about Boise State basketball.

Cheer raucously and boo lustily as the Broncos host No. 5 San Diego State.

Rush the floor of Taco Bell Arena.

Asleep by 9:30.

Wednesdays aren't typically known for being all that and a bag of chips, but just get a load of the important things happening on hump day: Signing Day for Bryan Harsin's first Boise State recruiting class and a home date for the men's basketball team versus No. 5 San Diego State (also, a Stampede game for some reason). This Wednesday is huge. Huge!


Get your rest, friends. We've got some hard-celebrating, hard-rooting, hard-blogging, hard-commenting to do tomorrow.