The WAY TO EARLY preseason questions.

I apologize folks for any typos or misuse of grammar. Now after all the i's are crossed the t's are dotted LOI has come and gone and the staff is finally settling in and coming together. Last season and well, this up-coming season looks like it will start off with nothing less than a BANG! So I've been mulling over and pondering some questions in my head and well would like to know what Boise Nation has to say on their thoughts and opinions. So here they are.

1.) Since after the last game of the 2013 season, what has excited you the most about BSU football?

2.) How long do you think the OC/DC/HC will stick around before other schools come calling?

3.) Who's the freshman you are most excited to see/make an immediate impact?

4.) What kind of chip would you say the players have on their shoulder?

5.) Most improved player?

6.) Player you are most excited to see get on the field again?

7.) The 2015 Wash game. I know their's been talk weather it will happen or not. My question is A. What are the terms and conditions if they want to get out of it? B. Do we have to agree even if they don't want to play? C. Lastly does the athletic director have a contingency plan if they do back out and we have to find another team?

8.) Predict the record. I'm gonna say it UNDEFEATED. Yeah that maybe a bold and an ignoramus prediction but, I haven't been this hyped to see the first game since the Va. Tech game or the Oregon game of 09 oh well i can't decide.

Thanks for taking the time to read and post. Have a great day and go kick some BW

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