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Get to know new Boise State defensive line coach Steve Caldwell

You know he has a mustache, but do you know how many places that mustache has been?

Steve Caldwell is a throwback, which is a nice way of calling someone old. Whereas other Boise State coaches experienced their glory days of football-playin' in the 1990s and 2000s, Caldwell had his moments of glory in the 1970s. Oh the stories he could tell about 8 tracks and pet rocks. And football stuff. I bet Lyle Alzado offered him rear end steroids!

Caldwell's seniority (again, a euphemism) should be very helpful to a young staff that has neither seen nor experienced half the things Caldwell has. I'd imagine that there is a certain science to building a coaching staff and that guys like Caldwell are vastly more important than fans and media realize. He is great at what he does, he has his Malcolm-Gladwell-approved 10,000 hours of training, and he's an incredible resource for this team and staff as it grows and matures.

He also has a Twitter, so he can't be that old. They have an old age restriction, I hear.

Boise State job

Defensive line

Who had his job last

Andy Avalos

Avalos was reassigned to his first love - linebackers - letting Caldwell work with Caldwell's first love - mustaches defensive line.

Playing history

Arkansas State defensive end, 1974-1977

Coaching history

  • Arkansas State graduate assistant and assistant coach/offensive line coach, 1978-80
  • Northwest Mississippi Community College offensive line coach, 1981-84
  • Arkansas State linebackers coach, 1985-89
  • Tennessee graduate assistant, 1990
  • Pacific co-defensive coordinator, 1991-93
  • Nevada co-defensive coordinator, 1994
  • Mississippi 1994-95
  • Tennessee defensive ends coach, 1995-2008
  • Arkansas defensive ends coach and special teams coordinator, 2010-2012
  • Arkansas State assistant coach and defensive line coach, 2013

He is one of these three people. Can you guess which one?

94454880_medium 9597049_medium Her-joaquin-phoenix-4_medium

Steve Caldwell's latest Tweet

Last book he read

A Complete Guide to Twitter


ed's note: This post is part of an introductory series on the new Boise State coaching staff. Here's the rest of the group: