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Get to know new Boise State defensive coordinator Marcel Yates

Is his power zone: a) Los Angeles, b) Nampa, c) the end zone, or d) AutoZone.

Updated 2/18: Pictures have been changed to correct the fact that Marcel Yates is not who the SB Nation photo editor says he is. Thanks to those who wrote in.

So imagine that you have this amazing job at the zenith of your field. You are doing what you love to do, getting paid handsomely to do it, don't have to deal directly with Johnny Manziel's vortex of drama, and are generaly considered to be a rising star in your profession.

Cool. Now leave all that and come work in Boise.

The hire of Marcel Yates at Boise State was a stunning, amazing, fabulous move - one that Bronco fans dreamed of but, let's be real for a minute, never really thought would happen. We were wrong, so wrong. Like the time we picked Jeremy Avery to start over Doug Martin, which is a thing I actually predicted once. Yates is a once-in-a-lifetime hire and all that, but here's where it gets good: Yates was responsible for mentoring some of Boise State's greatest defensive backs (an area of scrutiny and wide open spaces last year), and he is reintroducing the 4-2-5 defense made popular and painful by Ellis Powers and Winston Venable. The glory days are literally returning to Boise State in terms of strategy as Mike Sanford is bringing back the old offense and Yates is bringing back the old defense. Put Paul J. back in the booth, and it's like we have our very own time machine.

Boise State job

Defensive coordinator

Who had his job last

Pete Kwiatkowski, defensive-line master builder

Kwiatkowski followed Chris Petersen to Washington after being my prohibitive favorite for the empty Boise State job. I know nothing, as evidenced by the Jeremy Avery anecdote told above, but I do know that Kwiatkowski, a Bronco alum, loved the Boise area. What does Seattle have that Boise doesn't? Thai food and traffic. Push.

Playing history

Boise State defensive back, 1996-1999

Coaching history

  • Montana State defensive assistant, 2001-2002
  • Boise State cornerbacks and secondary coach, 2003-2011
  • Texas A&M co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach, 2012-2013

He is one of these three people. Can you guess which one?

Danny_glover_photo4_medium Unnamed_medium

Marcel Yates's latest Tweet

Last book he read

Defense: Abridged by Bill Belichick (just diagrams and grunts)


ed's note: This post is part of an introductory series on the new Boise State coaching staff. Here's the rest of the group:

  • Mike Sanford
  • Marcel Yates
  • Kent Riddle
  • Steve Caldwell
  • Junior Adams
  • Andy Avalos
  • Julius Brown
  • Eliah Drinkwitz
  • Scott Huff
  • and oh yeah, Bryan Harsin