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Wake up, Bronco Nation: 2-13-14

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Get that monkey off Leon Rice's back

Tales from last night: The men's basketball team won a one-point game over New Mexico, mounting a huge comeback to do so, and defying weeks of doubt-mongering about their ability to close out games.

How would you like Mark Rypien's nephew to play quarterback at Boise State?

Brett Rypien from Spokane is on the hot list of potential Boise State targets for the 2015 class, along with a bunch of other high schoolers that 247 Sports has identified. Rypien threw for 613 yards in a game last year, something I hope to one day achieve in a video game and he did in real life.

A bunch of other guys have been offered by the Broncos, so feel free to while away your afternoon watching highlight videos of everyone.

NCAA would really like up-tempo offenses to slow down. This is a neighborhood!

The NCAA rules committee - governing body of that weird rule where you can get a 15-yard penalty for targeting even if video replay confirms that you weren't targeting (a rule of which they only now see the folly) - has birthed its newest inanity:

You could get a delay of game for going too fast

Under the proposal, teams that snap the ball with 30 seconds left on the play clock will be penalized. Someone has to think of the safety of college athletes and the sideaches of 300-pound linemen running plays every 20 seconds.

Relegation is the best idea ever

When I am NCAA commissioner, in addition to getting rid of the above-mentioned rule about penalizing up-tempo offenses, I will create a relegation system. All sports are better with a relegation system. College football's would just so happen to have Boise State in the Pac-12 and Idaho in the Big Sky.

Give a warm OBNUG welcome (i.e., a churro) to our new intern

The OBNUG intern is part of the very fabric of this website - a person on whom we can pin blame for typos and mistakes and a person who definitely started as a joke and then became a real human with a Twitter. Another human will be filling the intern role for the next few months. His name is Myles, and he is a student at College of Idaho. You'll see him pop up around here from time to time, so please give him a warm welcome when you do. It takes a special person to do an internship at a Boise State humor blog. That kind of person deserves our admiration.

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