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An index of all the Boise State players on Twitter

Otto Kitsinger III

The good ship OBNUG is celebrating social media with a week of Twitter-themed posts. #thefuture #bunchofoldguys

Under Chris Petersen's iron fist, no Boise State players were allowed on Twitter, which I imagine must have felt like Petersen was asking these kids not to breathe air. Teens and twentysomethings tweet instinctually like some new evolutionary forms of humans who will one day be our bosses at some tech company we don't understand. The good news for Boise State's serial tweeters is that Bryan Harsin has lifted the Twitter ban. They are tweeting. They are hashtagging. They are @-replying. I've collected all the accounts I could find, which is not a license for you to stalk college kids but rather a resource for reminding yourself that our Boise State football heroes are real people - real young people - who like normal stuff and kinda don't know how to spell.

(The whole lot of 'em have been added to a Twitter list, which you are welcome to use if you know how.)

Jay Ajayi - @BETO_slickrick

Promise Amadi - @amadi_ballin

Chaz Anderson - @chazleeee

Robert Ash - @heyyoitsrobb

Charles Bertoli - @charlesbertoli

Dionza Blue - @Db1six

Mat Boesen - @boesen6

Kamalei Correa - @Kc9two

Donte Deayon - @AyoltsND

Devan Demas - @DevanDemas26

Alec Dhaenens - @alecdhaenens98

Ryan Finley - @RFin15

Dan Goodale - @Dannyg_41

Mason Hampton - @MasonJHampton

Cameron Hartsfield - @camharts21

Richard Hoppe - @richardhoppe_

Elliot Hoyte - @elliothoyte

Joe Martarano - @JoeMartarano_2

Mercy Maston - @AlmightySecojr

Eli McCullough - @eli_mccullough

David McKinzie - @DavidMckinzie1

Armand Nance - @SilverbackNance

Cleshawn Page - @ClePage3

Connor Peters - @ConnorPeters89

Tyler Rausa - @T_Raus

Jake Roh - @jakeroh94

Tanner Shipley - @Tanner_T

Thomas Stuart - @Tommyfootball1

Nick Terry - @BigNickTerry

Darian Thompson - @JusTrynnaBeDT

Tanner Vallejo - @tannervallejo

Avery Westendorf - @beastdorf89

Shane Williams-Rhodes - @ShaneWilliamsRh

See anyone we missed? Let us know in the comments.