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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-9-14

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Ranking the Bowl Games

In four categories of Quality, Evenness, Excitement, and Happiness Boise State vs Arizona ranks #8. Click on the link to see which games are ranked higher.

Harsin Named as National Coach Award Finalist

Of the coaches named, I think he has had the most impressive season (especially considering it's his first year as BSU's head coach). I noticed Colorado State's Jim McElwain wasn't on the list.

SB Nation Picks Bowl Winners

This is a fun, interactive chart, which lists each game according to the date it's on. Someone mentioned this in the comments today, but I agree: Mountain West has some very winnable bowl games. The critics are split when it comes to the Fiesta Bowl, which I agree could go either way, but in my heart I know it's BSU all the way! It's going to be a good game against a very good Arizona team.


Steven Wright is one of my favorite comedians! He can deliver the wittiest jokes with complete deadpan, and when I read his clever quotes, I always hear them in his voice. Here's a list of some of his best lines in celebration of his 59th birthday.