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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-8-14

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This might be the flood before the drought of info.

"Smile, Grant!"
"Smile, Grant!"
Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Coaches Poll Rankings Revealed

BSU ended up ranked #21. If you click on our team, you can see how each coach voted. Wyoming's Craig Bohl ranked us highest at #10, but other notable coaches showed us some respect, including Michigan State's Mark Dantonio (15th), Hawaii's Norm Chow (16th), UNLV's Bobby Hauck (16th), BYU's Bronco Mendenhall (16th), and even Washington's Coach What's-His-Name (16th). Can you guess where Nick Saban reluctantly put us?

End-Of-Year Stats

Hedrick still leads nation in completion percentage, Kamelei Correa leads MWC in sacks, and Jay Ajayi was voted Most-Likely-To-Outrun-You-In-A-Foot-Race.

In Case You Didn't Hear; Fiesta Time!

This has some info about how much tickets cost and where to buy them. BSU's ticket allotment is valued at about $2 million for the school to get the full payout, so get your tickets, and plan to wear orange.

Is This Why We Don't Like Bleacher Report?

They have released their all-too-early bowl picks.


Could you imagine the movie Elf with Jim Carrey instead of Will Ferrell? Me neither. Here's some fun facts about the movie (I like the part about James Caan breaking... watch the clip)!