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Let's head to Albertsons, everyone

It's Joe Albertsons supermarket, but the's OURS!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

As you may not have heard, a game of some import is occurring at Albertsons Stadium tomorrow evening and you might do well to attend. I've compiled several reasons why you might want to grab yourself a ticket or two just in case you haven't yet.

1) If you don't attend, it could cause a chi imbalance at the stadium and no one wants a chi imbalance (or a chai imbalance, for that matter)

2) Robo-Ajayi desires your presence at the game. You do not want to upset Robo-Ajayi...he has recently become self-aware.

3) Speaking of Ajayi...this *might be your last opportunity to see the J-Train leave the station on The Blue. Also, may be last opportunity to see the J-train enter the station, stop to refuel (runs on pure pickle juice), and get delayed in Minneapolis.

4) The body warmth generated by 30,000 other humans in the dead of winter gives one a feeling of peace and well-being.

5) Just think of it this way, $40 is the price of 40 Dollar Menu fries at McDonalds. You like french fries, don't you?

6) Revenge. Boise State has already avenged their 2013 loss to the Derek Carr-led Bulldogs, but Fresno still defending MWC champs...a distinction that should be cruelly ripped from them on Saturday night.

7) In case of wind, bleachers will need to be held down somehow.

8) History. You can tell your grandchildren that you witnessed Boise State win their first ever outright Mountain West title on The Blue. You can also tell your grandchildren that you saw Kamalei Correa tackle someone in half (leading candidate: Brian Burrell)

9) Bryan Harsin can see into your soul.

10) Tanner Vallejo has more wrestling moves he'd like to try out.

11) We're giving away 2 FREE tickets because OBNUG is nice and Nuggies are nice and it's nice to be nice to the nice.

Here are the details: