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The 5 Biggest Plays from Boise State vs. Arizona - Fiesta Bowl

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

What an awesome, nerve-wracking, exciting, scary, happy ending to one of the most enjoyable Boise State football seasons that I've ever experienced. It was an absolute joy watching this team exceed expectations and accomplish things that no one saw coming - Fiesta Bowl victory included.

And we're only one year into attacking the future.

1. Cleshawn Page interception. With the early momentum swinging toward Arizona, Page came up big with a pick and return that led to Boise State's 28th points of the day.

2. Bryan Harsin going for points at the end of the first half. Those extra three points sure did make things a

3. Donte Deayon pick six. Boise State scored zero points in the second half on offense. Deayon's six points proved huge when it came to holding off the Wildcats.

4. Anu Solomon missing several open receivers. A few guys running deep, more running middle, and who knows what might have happened if Solomon had hit any of them with an accurate pass. (My guess: More AZ points, which would have made a difference.)

5. Kamalei Correa sack to end the game. Obvious play of the game is obvious.

Bonus: I didn't mention any offensive plays in the above list, which seems quite wrong. There was Chaz Anderson's bomb from Hedrick, everything that Thomas Sperbeck touched, Jay Ajayi's 50+-yard run to open the scoring, and OH YEAH BRYAN HARSIN RAN STATUE LEFT AND GOT SUCH A KICK OUT OF DOING SO!

Cool game, you guys. Cool season.

Go Broncos!