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Deep Thoughts With Handy Jack

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My mind is filled with random thoughts regarding today's bowl game--among other things-- so I thought I'd share.

Please click on this video for some background music whilst you read through this.
  • Sometimes, football.
  • If ever there were a guy to instill fear in the hearts of all who oppose him on the gridiron, he should be nicknamed after a cartoon dog who solves mysteries.
  • Why is it called toe "jam", when it's among one of the last things you'd want to spread on toast?
  • Since this is probably the Jay Train's last year playing for Boise State, I hope everyone has purchased a boarding pass to watch him leave the station.
  • Why do I always call Arizona's QB "Solomon Anu?"
  • BSU leads UA in almost every category, so it feels like we should win this one handily. But our regular season stats came against a variety of opponents, so there's no telling what those numbers mean against each other until we meet on the field. My best guess of how we'll fare comes from our common opponent this year, who was Nevada: We beat them 51-46 (5-point margin) while Arizona beat them 35-28 (7-point margin). My guess for the score involves just erasing Nevada from the equation: Boise State 51 > Nevada > Arizona 35.
  • Does this background music make anyone else have to pee?
  • Or is it because I just woke up?
  • What's the over/under on the announcers mentioning Boise's "Bag of Tricks" at least 5 times today?
  • Rich Rodriguez needs a better nickname than "Rich Rod." Let's dive back into our bag of dated cartoon references and pull out a suggestion. Huh: "Slowpoke."
  • Arizona is near the bottom in almost every defensive category, except for one fella, who's nearly at the top of every defensive category, so I figure ten other moms are lower in their pride category.
  • If Terris Jones-Grigsby marries Heather Whitestone-McCallum's daughter, their kids are gonna hafta be giant offensive lineman in order for their last names to fit on the back of a jersey.
  • I'm so-o-o-o-o-o sorry for posting that picture.
  • Here's something to make up for it:
  • Are there going to be any sideline shots in today's game framed by a Vizio phone? Is that better than a bag of chips?
  • As exciting as Fiesta Bowl 2007 was, I'd be down with a BSU blowout today.
  • I keep staring at the gif above as I write this and am starting to wonder if this person smeared some cat foot on his/her pants. Just what is the stuff that top cat is biting and smelling?
  • Also, who does this?
  • I wish I could be down there with those of you in Glendale, but as the saying goes, "If wishes were fishes, hey, speaking of fish, sushi sounds like a good option for lunch today. I think I'll take my wife to the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant in Pocatello, because I'm not in Glendale and wishing won't make it so."
  • Grant Hedrick leads the nation in completion percentage, which is kinda like saying he completes me.
  • Is this going to be the game when "Mad Scientist" Sanford pulls out the ol', Run-SWR-Between-The-Defense's-Legs play?
  • I'm always so impressed with the sea of Orange and Blue in the stands. Bronco Nation--represent!
  • Lastly, Go Broncos!