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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-3-14

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Mountain Division vs Plains Division

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

All-Mountain West Teams Named (HT NYBroncosFan)

For some reason, CSU Quarterback Garrett Grayson is named Offensive POY, despite the fact that he lost to the two best teams in the Mountain West. But it's okay, because CSU coach Jim McElwain was named Coach of the Year! Wait... what?

Despite the fact that no BSU players were names POY, we did manage to put quite a few on their all-conference teams.

Harsin Keeps Team Focused on Fresno State

This article is a preview of the MWC Championship game against Fresno State. Harsin seems dialed in to what the team has to do to earn a championship, which was his main goal from the get-go. So while he's getting the boys ready, we'll just steal a quick sneak peak at a possible future matchup:

Boise State Moves up in CFP Poll

We rose one spot in the CFP poll, which might not be a lot, except for the fact that... wehaveabettershotatgettingintoaNY6bowlgamethanLSUGeorgiaandAuburn.

If the playoffs were today, we'd probably play Arizona in the Fiesta Bowl, but I'd be rooting for TCU to win it all, since we can't. I have to be honest, when I heard the proposed playoff format for the first time, I was almost sure we were going to get hosed out of a shot at a bowl game this year, since the program had slid a little and we were basically "rebuilding" with a new coach. On top of that, there have been some strong programs in the Group of Five who have come into prominence in the last couple years, and with the committee having to choose from such a large pool, I had some doubts sneak in.

I doubt no longer.

All Hail Harsin!

Ioane's Medical Fund Reaches Goal

Jeremy Ioane has given so much to Bronco Nation, we couldn't help but give back. We want to get our Hawaiian Flyin' again, and this is a good first step. As of last night, the fund was somewhere around $24k. If you can't donate, maybe you could send up a prayer or healing thoughts that he'll find a match for a transplant.


I dunno... sheesh... uh, how about this cat bite? I've almost run out of internet to put down here.