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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-29-14

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Two more days, then it's "Party Time!"

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Q&A With Ian Johnson (HT Senior Chief)

Johnson has returned to the Boise area and laid down roots as an insurance agent. He plans on making the trip to Glendale to watch the Fiesta Bowl, which makes me wonder what he has in store on the sidelines if we win this game. Curing cancer? Karate demonstration? Detaching and reattaching his thumb?

Arizona Paper Examines BSU Defense

They do a pretty good job of highlighting our strengths, and players on our team who have stepped up and made a difference. Did you know: Tanner Vallejo went to the same school as UA defensive end Dan Pettinato, whose name makes me think of Dan Paul and Austin Pettis. Maybe you only knew the first part.

Five Storylines for the Fiesta Bowl

I hate to do this to you, Nuggies, but B/R keeps posting stories about Boise State, and I've committed to be an equal-opportunity link poster. Maybe I'll start posting warnings [B/R!] so you can decide for yourself before clicking on the link and feeling like you need a bath immediately afterward.


I was told once by my Japanese sister-in-law to not take extra food she was giving me with my chopsticks. She insisted on putting it on my plate herself. Now I know why!