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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-26-14

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No really, wake up. You probably should be heading back to work now.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated Previews Fiesta Bowl

Okay, how does this kid have a job working for Sports Illustrated? Go ahead, click on the link and watch the video; I'll wait...

...SeewhutImean? You'd think a little bit of research would tell a guy that we didn't play "Ole Miss" in the "Fiesta Bowl" a "couple of years ago", where we ran the famous "Statue of Liberty" play, when coached by "Crease" Petersen. Come on, fella, it was only The Greatest Game Ever Played! No big whoop, though.

(I bet he's excited to see "Aji-yay" play, though.)

Good Article About Hedrick

I feel a lot more confident in our quarterback coming into this game than I did with Southwick last year. Hedrick has really turned into a savvy field general, and looking back, I'm glad he had a couple of four-interception games earlier this year. You learn more from your mistakes than from your successes, right?

Under the Bleacher Previews Fiesta Bowl

Are we living in Crazy Town? Since when did Bleacher Report start being more accurate than Sports Illustrated? Nevertheless, sometimes comparing stats can be an exercise in frustration, since X vs Y doesn't always result in Z on the field. Most of the time, it results in W for B.


I didn't recall much from this game outside of the fake punt, but it's good to remember. Another thing I recall is the outrage I felt being paired up against another BCS Buster, instead of both teams getting the chance to beat a Goliath. For this reason, I think TCU is one former rival I will always root for, unless they play us, of course.