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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Bronco Singalong!

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On the twelve days of Christmas, my Broncos gave to me...

12 Crispy Churros

#11 Breaking Ankles

10 'Zona Punt Flags

#9 Catching Touchdowns

#8 Getting Backfield

7 Barfed-on Footballs

6 Wildcat Fumbles

5 Hun-dred Ya-a-a-ards

4 Mind-Blowing Plays

3 Picks Six

A Safety and the Ball ('Cuz it's worth 2, see? See?!)

And a Fiesta Bowl Vic-tor-y!!!!

(Oh, and zero Scooby Snacks)

Happy Holidays, Nuggies! (Don't be stingy with your recs this holiday season; there might be a Christmas miracle in store for you!)