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Twas the night before Christmas: A Boise State poem

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Twas the night before Christmas: A Boise State poem

Twas the night before Christmas
And by light of the candle
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a Vandal

The kids were tucked in
And starting to snore
In their new Bronco PJs
From the Blue and Orange Store

Ma and I were nestled
In Blue and Orange Snuggies
Purchased as a gag gift
By industrious Nuggies

I had just drifted to sleep
and entered the REM stage
when I heard a noise louder
than a fresh discharged 12 gauge

Such a racket was made
It could’ve roused all Bronco Nation
For it was the sound
Of the Jay Train leaving the station

The train stopped in front of my house,
With nary a care,
And the thick smell of pickle juice,
Pierced the night air

The train was bundled with toys,
Bowl tickets and bric-a-brac
And 4 Fresno defenders
Hung off Big Jay’s back

And the Jay Train hauled train cars
All filled to the rafters
With Jay’s Bronco bretheren
And key Bronco staffers

As each stepped from the train,
Still groggy from my siesta
I beheld a Vizio bowl rep
He cried "let’s get ready to Fiesta"

Then Ajayi stepped forward
His dreadlocks so frightning
Then Sanford, then Huff
(who had just ridden lightning)

Then Drinkwitz stepped out
With a key recruit’s mom,
"This is the place for your son,"
he told her, "Boise’s really the bomb"

Then out stepped coach Avalos,
Coaches Caldwell and Hout
Yakoo, and Henry,
And linemen so stout

Then came the receivers,
From Sperbeck to Ware
And Anderson and Miller
(quite the pass-catching pair)

Said Miller "my ankle, it’s tender,
And I’m still a bit hobbled,
But we’re here just the same
Do you need your shoes cobbled?"

Then into the night
Stepped a small, spritely elf…
(who actually was Shane Williams-Rhodes himself)

Then the rest of the team
Stepped out onto my lawn
And then past Bronco legends
Both hither and yon

There was Ian and Kyle,
And Marty and Z
From Fiesta Bowls one and two,
But not three.

They were all of them there
Not one hadn’t shown
Except the one they call "Harsin"
I realized, with a moan

"But what of the head man?"
I asked with a glance
"Turn down for what?"
Replied big Armand Nance

Then the last train car opened
And what rolled into view
Was a long roll of carpet
That was bluer than blue

And who should step out
As the blue turf unfurled
But Coach Bryan Harsin
The best guy in the world

"We’re just here to say ‘thanks’,
Said the head coach with glee,
"Without Bronco Nation,
there’d be no lights on our tree."

"But we’ve more homes to visit,
You’re far from the last,
All Broncos need thanking,
And the Jay Train is fast"

"No need to thank me,"
I said to the blokes,
"I bleed blue through and through,
as do most decent folks"

"Well then we’ll see you in Glendale,"
He said as his eyes began to glitter,
"Oh…and GO BRONCOS #ATF2015"
(With that, I sped back to check twitter)

The last thing I heard
As the Jay Train started to leave
"Merry Christmas to ALL,