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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-22-14

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Talks Ajayi

As we well know, Ajayi is entering the NFL draft, but here's ESPN's take on him.

Men's B-Ball Sets School Record for Fewest Points Allowed

The men's team beat Abilene Christian by 44 points, to the tune of 77-33. Boiseblues' favorite newcomer, Webb III, put up 14 points and hauled in eight rebounds.

Fiesta Bowl Tickets More Expensive Through BSU

Fiesta Bowl officials declined to comment on why they didn't offer cheaper seats to Boise State. If the issue of BSU not being able to sell their entire allotment of tickets becomes a  big deal, I would have to wonder what Fiesta Bowl officials' intent was in offering cheaper tickets to the University of Arizona (I mean, besides the whole home-field advantage, corrupt Fiesta Bowl official thing). I wonder if there's any yacht parties this year?

BSU Preparing for Solomon

The guy can be a big problem for defenses by keeping plays alive with his legs. But when pressured, his accuracy tends to go down. House blitz on every play? (When I play Madden, I like to throw a punt block play in every once in a while, just to see if the computer is paying attention.)


Almost everything you eat from the supermarket is made by ten companies. See? Also, Dr. Evil weighs in on the North Korea/Sony hacking.