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Boise State's Best of 2014: Day 3

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Awesome plays

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Twas four days before Christmas, with the Fiesta Bowl drawing near
Today we will reminisce on the plays we all hold dear;
The Harsin Era started with a loss, the start of a whole new story
On New Years Eve Bronco Nation will return to glory.


Grant Hedrick TD Reception vs. UCONN


Tyler Gray Interception Return TD vs. Nevada


Tanner Vallejo Interception Return TD/Beau Martin MWC Title-clinching Interception vs. Fresno State


Thomas Sperbeck TD Reception vs. BYU


Chaz Anderson TD Reception vs. New Mexico


Jay Ajayi Statue of Liberty TD Run


Jay Ajayi Beast Mode TD vs Nevada


Chris Santini Fake Punt Run vs. San Diego State


Shane Williams-Rhodes Wildcat Toss-back TD Reception

And the Winner is...


Grant Hedrick TD Catch vs. Fresno State