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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-2-14

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Tuesday... it's no Saturday, but it's closer than Monday is.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State Unanimous #1 Underdog

MAGMADIVER brought this up in the comments yesterday, but in the unfortunate and unlikely event that the Broncos lose the MW championship, Memphis or NIU would be next up to take our spot in the NY6 bowls. Also, I would just go home and bite my pillow, is what I'd do.

...But that's not gonna happen, right glas?

Hedrick Named BSU Team MVP

The team banquet was held on Sunday night and Hedrick was given top honors. Check the article for offensive and defensive MVPs, Special Teams POY, and Outstanding O and D-linemen after making your best educated guesses.

Broadcasting Crew Revealed for MWC Championship

Carter Blackburn, Aaron Taylor and Jamie Erdahl. Who would be your three dream choices (anyone is game)? Mine would be as follows:

Play-by-Play Announcer- Kellen Moore

Remember that commercial a while back where Larry Bird comes out of the audience and wins the game after an injury to a player? I could enjoy a scenario like that. "Be right back..."

Color Commentator- 1980s Hulk Hogan

"Ajayi is crushing fools out there, brotha-a-a-a-ah!"

Sideline Reporter- Sherlock Holmes

I would like any injuries and changes in strategy assessed immediately, as well as the probable likelihood of Fresno fumbling the ball for their fifth turnover of the night. As a side note: if you haven't seen the BBC version of Sherlock yet- binge watch on Netflix! (Time slows down on Saturday before the late game, so you'll have an opportunity.)


In case you want to participate in Drew's #RallyBeard Challenge, but don't know how to grow a beard, I looked up a How-To on Instructables.