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Game balls for Boise State vs Utah State

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Jay Ajayi, RB

Jay is fully bogarting the game balls this season and he should be ashamed of himself. Ajayi was his normal, ridiculous self on Saturday night, rushing for 229 yards and tying the game record with 5 rushing TDs. His 62 yard scamper in the 4th quarter was unnecessary, but nailed the coffin lid down nice and tight for the Aggies—but for my money, no run was more impressive than this Harry Houdini escape act in the quarter (:37 mark)

Darian Thompson, S

Thompson came up with a huge interception in the 1st quarter that led to the Broncos' second score of the evening and pushed his season interception total to 7. Yeah, Thompson fell down in coverage, allowing Utah State's biggest pass play of the night, but nobody's perfect (except Kellen Moore) and besides, without that long reception, we might not have gotten to see this...

Tanner Vallejo, LB

That is all.

Jeremy Ioane, SS

We're not about giving participation trophies here at OBNUG, but man does this kid deserve some special recognition in light of recent news of his health struggles have come to light. Ioane was an inspirational figure at Saturday's contest and was surprised by teammates with The Hammer. Ioane made one tackle in the game, but what he means to this team is immeasurable. BTW, Ioane's medical fundraiser is roughly $400 shy of the $20,000 goal, and it's been up for less than a week. Game ball to Bronco Nation!

Kamalei Correa, STUD

Correa told Coach Yates after the SDSU game that he owed him "two games"...ostensibly because KC thought he'd underperformed against the Aztecs and one other. Well, his 3 sacks against Wyoming was certainly good for one of those games, and I'd say his 1 sack, 3 TFL game against the Aggies on Saturday is acceptable for the other. My question to Correa is this: don't you think you owe Yates...oh, say FOUR games? Oh, and Kamalei's sophomore numbers have officially surpassed those of Demarcus Lawrence's, so my comparison earlier this season wasn't so crazy after all (47 tackles, 16.5 TFL, 9.5 sacks)

Your turn

Who else you got? Mike Sanford again called a great game, the O-line made some great blocks, Jake Roh led all receivers.