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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-18-14

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today Bowl Rankings Continued

Making an appearance on today's list: BYU vs Memphis, Utah vs Colorado State and Marshall vs NIU. But in what order? Muhuhahahaha!

Interview With Mike Sanford

Sanford believes in building the future of this team, and his dedication shows. I like his reasoning behind staying here and not taking the Vandy job, part of which was:

Like I’ve said before, this has been a place I’ve dreamed about coaching at since I got done playing here and a little bit before that. It’s only year one.

Read more here:

One notable thing: I think they plan on creating a "weapon" position, based around Jeremy McNichols' playbook. Kinda like our STUD position, except with more WMD.

Interview With Bryan Harsin

Some notable takeaways from the article: Ajayi will make a decision on whether to enter NFL draft before the Fiesta Bowl, BSU poaches a former A&M safety, and we will be rocking our lucky "Fiesta Bowl look." (Orange trousers, white pullovers and blue toppers. You might have to look it up, since I just wrote that in British.)


I sure hope this band comes to Boise someday! Two hours of that? Where do I buy my tickets right now!? Said my friend of the video performance: "Wow! Those two girls are like a couple of sound Angels, spraying sound out of their sound ejectors. You can tell they really found an outlet for their emotions."