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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-16-14

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Remember college football? That was fun. Maybe we could call it?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Women's B-Ball Beats EWU

That's what they get for installing that gaudy red turf! Okay, just kidding...but unlike the Blue, that one actually is hard on the eyes. Two of our Broncos, Askew and Pahukoa, combined for 43 points inside the paint and outside the arc! The women's team are riding high on two 90+ point games!

USA Today Begins Top Bowl Ranking Countdown Today

No sign of the Fiesta Bowl in the bottom ten. Also not mentioned: The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Tomorrow maybe?

Wrestling Team Loses to Oregon State

BSU wrestles in the Pac-12, and has developed a rivalry (The Border War) with Oregon State's wrestling team. They are both really strong programs, and so they decided to make a trophy (The Border Axe) to go along with the annual match. College wrestling is usually won by small margins, since at this level there's not as great a discrepancy in talent (meaning, you're not going to get too many teams that win by pin every match). Boise State lost this one, but I'm sure a few matches were close, as indicated by the final score (31-3). Oregon State would have had a much higher final score if their wins were 6-point pins, 5-point tech falls, or 4-point major decisions.


Any chance this link could become the "Rick Roll" of OBNUG? What would we call it?