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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-15-14

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Just another Manic Monday.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

BSU Men's B-ball Beats Southern Utah

Derrick Marks scored 30 and James Webb III scored 17. Webb has only missed two shots from the field in the last two games, which makes him far more accurate than my boys in their bathroom.

Under The Bleacher Makes Bold Predictions for Fiesta Bowl

I know it's B/R, but these predictions actually make sense to me. They don't seem so bold in light of Arizona's defense statistics compared to BSU's offense statistics, but I must admit: I like what this writer sees in his crystal ball. One legitimate question I have about Arizona's 104th ranked defense is how Oregon running roughshod over them in their last meeting may have skewed that number. MAGMADIVER, you wanna take this?

Sanford Staying at BSU

This is older news, but in case you missed it, Sanford turned down a Vanderbilt job to stay and build the program at Boise State with Harsin. I wouldn't blame him if he left, but the fact that he stayed has me excited about the mental mindset of this coaching staff. They're building something that will last, and I think their friendship might be more valuable than money.

...Knock on me.

Thompson Anchor on Defense

Darian Thompson has been recognized by the team, the Mountain West, and CBS for his contributions on the field. He only missed one game this season: Air Force. Not even my lucky OBNUG t-shirt could make up for his absence, apparently.


Did you know Jimmy Stewart was in another Christmas movie besides It's a Wonderful LifeThis short was produced by the Mormon Church in 1980, and features Stewart as the titular character, Mr. Krueger. (Warning: Some 80s cheese, a little bit of sentiment, and no mention of Elm Street.)