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How to Comment Like a Boss on OBNUG!

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A quick how-to video for those who want to be as adept at the comment boards as the most Senior and Chiefest among us!

I noticed a lot of questions coming up in the forums about how to do certain things in the comments, so I decided to make a screencast of some things you can do. (At least that's my explanation for apparently going crazy on the Fiesta Bowl boards.)

Here's a Quick Guide to the info on the video:

BW-"Bad Word(s)" If you feel the need to cuss, let this simple acronym do the cussin' for ya!

Sarcasm Font- Type the symbol @ directly before and after your sentence, and we'll take a few grains of salt when reading your comment!

Super Run-On- If you type a long phrase with no spaces, it will run off the page.

Posting Pics and Gifs- Copy the image URL (not just copy image), click on the photo icon and paste the URL.

Gif Oracle- Type "@oracle gif me" and then whatever random or relevant phrase you want in order to get the gif Oracle to respond.

Rec- Short for either "Recommend" or "Recording Studio Where The Beatles Recorded Their Abbey Road Record." When you like what someone writes, give them a golden star by clicking "rec"! The more recs you collect, the more square footage your mansion in heaven gets! Yay!

Here's just a few of the regulars on OBNUG's message boards:

SeniorChief- This old curmudgeon has done more, learned more, and thought more than you ever will in three lifetimes, so you'd be wise to listen to what he posts. Has an intense dislike of dUI, as we all should.

boiseblues- Our resident spell and grammar-checker, and she knows how to smuggle things into the stadium!

Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets- Has the longest screen name of anyone I'm aware of, and might possibly be Bob Barker. One of three regulars with a dog avatar (DawgP and Kcam as well).

bcshtr- Makes regular appearances, and name either stands for "BCS Hater" or "Back Country BWer." (And there's your first lesson on cussing on OBNUG!)

HSridge- Probably has the funniest "fan of" list on his profile page I've ever seen! (Tennis is classic!)

NYBroncosFan- He was there to represent at the Uconn game because--you guessed it--he's loyal. Probably will have a bigger mansion in heaven than you, although there might be a clause about whoremongering recs, we'll just see.

BroncoFanBornInBoiseNowInNorway- Just took Spay's longest name award away. Keeps hoping there's going to be a BSU exhibition game in Oslo, but instead must settle for watching the game online at 8 Eastern/3 Scandanavian.

Trapperpk- Always good for a laugh, and I owe him a big apology for responding during "my time of the a.m."

MAGMADIVER- Posts lots of interesting stats and hilarious pictures/videos.

Shovel- Made up the term "Vardals" and has now been added to SeniorChief's will.

Obnug Intern- Has been doing this long enough, it's about time he was paid.

Ratigaen- Likes to wiggle. Thrice.

oteethreeve- Threeve is not a number. Always a man of few words and funny pictures.

polynikes- Has bigger guns than me, in the literal and figurative sense.

Loque- Edumacatin' fools on other sites.

bsuyeti, B.D.Bronco, Evan Pukajlo, rememberwhen, hummerofdoom- All good folks you should get to know, but I'm too tired right now to finish this list. That goes for anyone else I may have neglected to mention.


Roj- Just outed as an SDSU troll. Ew.

One last thing: If any of you are Kellen Moore going under a pseudonym, please contact me. I have some children I would like you to autograph.