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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-11-14

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We're Back, Baby!

Let the Coaching Carousel Rumors Begin...

Since Wisconsin coach Gary Anderson is leaving for Oregon State, a few names have been in the mix for his replacements; among them, Coach Bryan Harsin. This is what the writer from Bucky's 5th Quarter writes:

Just because Chris Petersen left doesn't mean you shouldn't be sleeping with one eye open, Boise. Protect your necks, suckas!

This guy is a mouth-breathing oxygen bandit.

Boise State Three Point Underdogs to Arizona

Good. I like being the underdog, the "People's Champion," the team with more to prove. We always play better with chips on our shoulders, but given the fact that Tostitos is no longer the Fiesta Bowl Sponsor, we're going to have to bring our own. (Can I get a sideline shot, framed by a bag of Doritos?)

Boise State is Back!

Did you know... if you're feeling down, if you clench a pencil between your back molars for two minutes, your body will increase its endorphin production and you will feel better? Why? It's because you're forcing yourself to smile! That's kind of what Bryan Harsin did for the team after the AF loss; help them ease up and have fun!

Andrea Adelson of ESPN (who handles a lot of the G5 teams), writes a pretty good article about our mindset coming into the Fiesta Bowl.

BSU Tickets About Three-Fourths Sold

There are only $162 seats left. Get 'em while they're hot!


When I went to Disneyland as a young kid, I had a stand off with Brer Wolf from Song of the South, but it wasn't nearly as entertaining as this little girl's run-in with Gaston. Did you know Sean Bean is typecast as a dead man? (Warning: some graphic content.) If you see him in a movie, you know what's going to happen to him already. It's almost a Hollywood inside joke, like using the Wilhelm Scream.