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I will shave no more forever

New, 44 comments know, till after New Years

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Not many of us men shaved in November (ladies either, for all I know) and across the nation many a shorn face can be seen today as we enter the month of December, but a small group of us (and growing...get it?) have vowed to forego the razor's sting unless the Broncos fail to win the MWC title or bowl game. There are many heroes in life, on and off the field...and I'm not one. Literally, this is the least I could do to help the Broncos bring home the title...but hey, it's winter in Boise and we need something to do. So, if your boss or significant other will allow it, grow your own Boise State #RallyBeard. Dan Goodale has a glorious one...and so should you. If you're patchy, don't still counts.