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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 12-1-14

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christm-a-a-as...

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Recap of Utah State Game

It's nice to see more media outlets starting to take note of our wins. They left out any mention of Tanner Vallejo winning the middleweight UFC belt with one tackle.

Boise State Rises in AP and Coaches Polls

Marshall and Colorado State have both dropped out of the rankings, so we no longer have to debate their "worthiness" of being in a New Years' bowl over BSU. Meanwhile, we look forward to playing in the MW championship game against Fresno State, albeit a Carr-less one. (See what I did there?)

New Playoff and Bowl Predictions

Jason Kirk now has us against Arizona after the UCLA loss this weekend. Oregon is still ranked high enough to make the playoffs, but will that change if Arizona beats them in the Pac-12 championship game this weekend? Some questions in my mind:

  • Would Arizona be replaced with Oregon in the Fiesta bowl with a Ducks' loss?
  • What 3-loss SUC SEC team would inevitably leapfrog the other teams to take Oregon's place in the playoff?
  • Is it weird that Boise State is in the most secure position to get into a NY6 bowl?
  • Even though the CFP Committee draws from a larger group of conferences to fill one G5 spot, am I hardly okay with us getting that spot? (Answer: Nope, I'm cool as long as it's us.)
  • Could "Don't Shave December" be a thing? 'Cause whoops.


One of my favorite videos on Youtube. I show it to my broadcasting students every trimester as an example of fantastic shooting and sequencing. Unfortunately, I just learned that the skier, JP Auclair, died in an avalanche a few months ago.