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The 5 biggest plays from Boise State vs. New Mexico

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Surprise, it's not any of the 75-yard ones!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

This game. I can't even. What.

Maybe the best way of putting it is to look at this picture of dogs and humans and to remember how I felt like each person/pet in this picture at various points tonight. What a wild, wacky, crazy, fun game.


Lots of things happened. Here are the five plays I thought were most important.

1. The fourth down reversal on New Mexico's penultimate drive. Were this game LSU-Alabama, they'd be talking about this call for ages, it'd be plastered on newspapers, and leading national news reports. It was huge. And it was correct? I cannot answer that objectively, but if I were to try, I'd say I definitely saw an elbow and the ball hit the ground before the first down line and Go Boise State You're the Best I Love You!

2. The 15-yard face mask on New Mexico to kill a drive in the fourth. Flag of the game. MVF.

3. The fourth down false start penalty on New Mexico in the first half that forced them to try a field goal. This one will be overlooked, but without that false start penalty, New Mexico probably picks up an easy fourth-and-one, scores a touchdown, and Boise State falls into an even deeper first half hole.

4. Boise State's drive to end the half. Huge. It took a 14-point game to a 7-point game and gave the Broncos a boost headed into halftime.

5. Hedrick-to-Sperbeck on fourth down to keep the drive alive in the fourth quarter.

Bonus: Ben Weaver's fourth down tackle to force a turnover on downs.

What were your favorite moments? To the comments!