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The 4 Biggest Plays from Boise State vs. Utah State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

1. Utah State missed field goal

Imagine you're playing in one of the toughest away stadiums in the world, you're driving down the field on your opening possession, looking to take an early lead and put points on the board, and you push a field goal wide right to turn your promising drive into *sad trombone noise*. Well you don't have to imagine. This is how Utah State opened the game and started down a path.

2. Darian Thompson interception

After a Boise State touchdown march, Utah State followed up on its second possession by throwing an interception on its first play. Boise State answered with another touchdown. 14-0.

3. Thomas Sperbeck 24-yard touchdown catch

Ahead 27-9, Boise State had first and goal from the 5, which the referees thought would be more fun if it were first and goal from the twenty-5. No biggie. Sperbeck caught a second down pass at the three, and finagled past three Utah State defenders to score. And the rout was on.

4. Jay Ajayi 62-yard touchdown run

Speaking of routs, Jay Ajayi did his part in the fourth quarter with a pair of touchdown runs, the first of which was a 60-yard jaunt that provided the first points of the second half. Before his touchdown, it was a three-score game (the types of scores that Utah State had yet to master). After the touchdown, all the cold and sleepy people started going home (I was only sleepy, so I stayed).

What's next

Boise State plays Saturday night at home at 8:00 p.m. on CBS against Fresno State for the Mountain West title. Win, and Boise State is in a one of those new-fangled New Year's bowls everybody is into.

Football is a crazy thing.

Go Broncos!