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Senior Moments

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Compiled by Drew Roberts and Jesse Baker

Fare thee well

Corey Bell, Nickel

Four years goes fast, especially if you see playing time as a true frosh...which is exactly what local product Corey Bell did. Recruited for his versatility and thrust into the spotlight due to his special teams prowess, Bell's heart and determination have always stood out. That, and his nervous pre-snap tic. We'll miss "Twitch" and his leadership.


Dallas Burroughs, WR

Burroughs has legitimate claims to "fastest Bronco ever" with a 10.34 100m time as a senior at Meridian's Rocky Mountain High School. Burroughs career might not have gone exactly like he'd planned, but I admit it will be strange to not have a Burroughs on the roster. Here's hoping Dallas goes out with a bang.


Cleshawn Page, DB

You know that saying about the size of the fight in the dog? That's Cleshawn Page to a T. An undersized but FAST 2013 JuCo transfer...Page came in with little fanfare, and slim chances of cracking the rotation...but crack it he did and was named game 1 starter against Ole Miss. Watching the scrappy Page blow up a Rebel screen in the opener was one memory that stands out, another was his pivotal pick against San Diego State with the game on the line. A DB built like a mini fullback has been fun to watch and I hope Page imparted some physicality to the up and coming Bronco DBs.


Connor Peters, TE

Peters helped restore physicality to the tight end position and can block with the best of 'em. This feature on Connor from his De La Salle days is still one of my favorites.


Blake Renaud, LB

Two players from legendary program De La Salle? You don't say! Renaud was another special teams phenom-turned-defensive stalwart for the Broncos and his physical presence in the middle of the field will be missed (sure a good thing we recruited Tanner Vallejo, Joey Martarano, and Drew Berger). A regular bearer of The Hammer, Renaud helped set a physical tone for special teasers that younger players like Darren Lee and Chris Santini have embraced.


Bryan Douglas, CB

Injuries hampered his senior year a bit, but Douglas provided plenty of highlights during his stay in Boise to make up for it. Bryan's 100-yard kick return TD against San Diego State in 2013 is one that people will remember for a long while and his infectious positivity and enthusiasm is something that will be sorely missed. How about one more kick return TD to open things tonight, Bryan?


Dan Goodale, K

The life of a kicker can be a difficult one...and they'll absorb the brunt of the blame with a miss at a pivotal moment, but Goodale has shaken off any past demons and put together a really solid senior season. He's been money this year from 40 yards and in and I still think there's a kickoff or two that has yet to return from orbit. Besides, his beard puts many an Amish barn-raiser to shame.


Grant Hedrick, QB

Some guys rise up and seize the spotlight...others have it thrust upon them. Grant has the rare distinction of doing both. He was forced into duty last season when Joe Southwick went down with an injury and performed admirably, and this season shook off some early miscues and has put together a phenomenal season. The most impressive thing that Grant has done this season is not on the stat sheet. He could've slunk away after an ugly performance against Ole Miss and Air Force (BSU's only losses of the year), but he rebounded in a BIG way...putting the team on his back during tough games and never losing his cool. Many didn't think it would come to saying this...but we're really going to miss Mr. Hedrick.


Jeremy Ioane, S

In light of recent events, Ioane's departure is all the more heartbreaking. Ioane came into the Bronco program as one of our biggest "gets" in years, having spurned Notre Dame and Washington to come to The Blue. His physical play at Punahou High School in Honolulu led to one epic highlight tape and he showed flashes of that dominance during his Bronco career. Alas, he also seemed to be missing (even when he was present) at other times in his career and Chadd Cripe's story the other day let us all know why. Ioane's battle with kidney disease even while putting together two straight All-MWC seasons is more than a little inspiring and while finishing his Bronco career with some wins would be a great sendoff, him regaining his health would be an even bigger victory.


Beau Martin, DE

There are many Bronco walk-on success stories, but Martin's is right up there with some of the best. Martin started his career at CSU-Pueblo, but knew he was bound for bigger things and walked-on as a sophomore. He's quietly become a leader of the Bronco defense and a guy that you can always depend on to keep his motor running. This season, Martin is second on the team in tackles-for-loss and tied for second in sacks. Proud to see him join the ranks of successful Bronco walk-ons...especially having the coaching staff reward his hard work with a well deserved scholarship.


Matt Miller, WR

I don't have the necessary superlatives to heap on Miller. In short, he's been a Bronco's Bronco. Unselfish, hard-working, humble, clutch...the list goes on and on. The fact that Miller isn't able to finish his senior year out like he should is a tough pill to swallow, but it makes me feel better that he's left his mark on the Bronco record books. Of course, what makes Miller so special is that he couldn't care less about the record books—you just don't see kids like Matt Miller come through a program every day.


See Thee Later

These Bronco seniors will likely be back next thanks for everything fellas, but we're going to say "see ya later" for the time being.

Tyler Horn, DT

The local kid from Mountain View High School was recruited as a defensive end, but depth issues a few seasons ago forced Horn to hit the buffet line a time or twenty and convert to a defensive tackle. Desperately needed this year, an opening game knee injury strained an already thin defensive line. By turning lemons into lemonade, because that's what we do here, Horn will be able to take a medical redshirt and come back to vanquish a Chris Petersen-led UW Huskies in the 2015 season opener. The D-Line will be LOADED next year and the unit's most seasoned leader will be back in the fold.


Justin Taimatuia, DT

The JC transfer from American Samoa's senior season was over before it even started after suffering a lower leg injury that kept him out of fall camp. For a position that seems thin this season, next year's unit will return everyone. A year wiser... a year stronger... a year girthier. Happy to have him back.


Mercy Maston, DB

A stress fractured tibia sidelined the senior from Bakersfield, "forcing" him to spend another glorious year in Boise. Maston was a key member of the corner rotation last season, making four starts in the process. While his toughness, size, and ball-hawking ability have been missed this year, he will be a force to be reckoned with in '15 and will be looking to retake his starting sport opposite of Donte Deayon.