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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 11-26-14

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The "Vardals" B-ball team goes down, while Boise State's football team rises.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State, Marshall Ranked

This is old news if you were on OBNUG last night, but I just wanted to include it again because it's big news. I think the big win over Wyoming made the CFP Committee take note of Boise State. They got the order right, too!

"...Now just win out, BSU."

Backups' Performance Critiqued by Coaching Staff

I found it interesting that the offense only scored on one of five drives, and tied Wyoming 7-7. Also included in the article, the team's Tomatometer of Dumb and Dumber To.

Update on Matt Miller and Chanceller James

Miller is hoping to be ready for Broncos' Pro Day in March, so he can "get his foot into the door" of the NFL. His good foot, I assume. (Too soon?)

Deayon Named MW Special Teams Player of Week

Because he juked everyone on Wyoming's punting team out of their cleats.

Boise State Spanks dUI

Derrick Marks scored 31; glad he's back.


If you haven't seen the new trailer for Jurassic World yet, here's a breakdown of the characters we care about.