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Game balls for Boise State vs Wyoming

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Mike Sanford, OC

I usually just hand out game balls to the players, but Mike Sanford is practically working on a lifetime achievement award over the last 6 games. On Saturday night, Boise State again emptied out their playbook and it worked to perfection. Sanford finally seems to grasp the concept that eluded Robert Prince during his stay at OC—the Broncos have speed at certain positions...get the ball to these gentlemen in space and watch good things happen. Of course, I'd be remiss to not mention Sanford's very own #ThrowBackThursday moment in the second quarter

Ahh, nostalgia!

Donte Deayon, CB

Deayon played an okay game defensively, but he's getting an OBNUG game ball and more importantly (depending on who you ask) the Mountain West Special Teams Player of the Week award based on this ridiculous 3rd quarter punt return. Frankly, I think Deayon needs to send a fruit basket or something to Wyoming's Blair Burns (#20) because that juke is definitely going to leave some lasting scarring.

Grant Hedrick, QB

Grant's play has just been on another level in the second half of the season and he was again on his game on Saturday night, passing for 246 yards and 3 TDs and making smart decisions with the football. Since Grant's benching during the second half of the Air Force game, he's averaged 72% completion percentage and has accounted for 20 TDs total TDs (and just 4 INTs). That's a heckuva way to bounce back.

Jeremy McNichols, RB

McNichols doesn't get a lot of touches, but he makes the most of them and Saturday night was no different. McNichols finally got off the touchdown schnide against the Cowboys (times two!) and sold the fake pretty well on the Statue of Liberty play I might add. This 11 yard TD in the 3rd quarter showed that now that McNichols has tasted endzone, he cannot be satiated by any other zone.

Jay Ajayi, RB

It's almost automatic at this point that Jay Ajayi is going to land a game ball. To think of all the innocent pigs who've sacrificed their boggles the mind. Ajayi rushed for 110 yards on his lightest workload of the year (16 carries) and also led all receivers with 92 yards on just 2 grabs (thanks, 73 yard scamper!). Ajayi's all-purpose yards in the game: 202. His worth to this team: priceless.

Darian Thompson, DB

Thompson still leads the team in interceptions with 6 and his 6th was a pick-six. Mark of the beast! Seriously though, this was practically a gimme.

Kamalei Correa, STUD

3 sacks will get you a game ball. Every. Time. By the way, KC now has 8.5 of the aforementioned on the year. That's pretty good too.

Your Turn

There were many standout performances on Saturday night. Did I miss any?