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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 11-19-14

CFP rankings

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

No G5 Teams Ranked This Week

Although it is mentioned in the article that BSU was included in the talk about G5 contenders. I really am starting to think they are holding off until we know who conference champions are. Seems their job is to rank for bowl game inclusion, and they might not want to jump the gun where the highest-ranked G5 team must also be a conference champ. No worries! We're just looking forward to watching our boys play whenevs, wherevs!

Rypien 239 Passing Yards from Washington State Record

He and what army? He and his right army, that's who! (Or even his left, if he wants to dial up some Kellen Moore for style points.) Man, I can't wait to see this kid on the blue! The only Patti I remember is the one on my grill, at this point.

Allen Making Immediate Impact in Paint

Happy little dunks and rebounds!

Kevin Allen is another success story in coming from less-than-desirable conditions to play for the Broncos. His size helps him "play above the rim," as they say. But come on, he's only 6' 11"! That's almost like being 5' 27", which I'm only 17 inches away from being! But the big kids still pick me last.

I'm taking my ball and going home.

(Edit: This was written before he went 0-1 last night against Montana St.)


Other than sports, there are very few things I like to watch more than great musicians manipulating their instruments skillfully. Seriously, my favorite thing to do at Disneyland is watch the ragtime pianists on Main Street, and has been since I was little. So what could be cooler than a good musician playing video game music? Here's another, and another. Any others you want to share?