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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 11-18-14

Speculatin' Season

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

More Discussion of BSU's SOS vs. Marshall's SOS

Marshall finds itself in a similar predicament to undefeated Boise State teams of the BCS era. Many people pooh-pooh their SOS, but what can they do besides win? In a way, I feel for them if a two-loss Boise State gets to go New Years bowling before them, but also GO BRONCOS!

NBC Sports on the SDSU Win

I'm glad some of the networks are paying attention to what's going on in the Gang of 5 (G5). I definitely think "G5" is going to catch on with the G5'ers. We should all G up on the P5'ers.

Another Trip to the Midnight Freezer

As you all may have heard already, BSU's last game against Utah State has been scheduled for 8:15 pm, with a 95% chance of cold. But it's mid-afternoon in Tokyo, right? Haha. It's cool, though. HashtagSeeWhatIDidThere?

Santini MW Special Teams Player-of-Week

Hey, that's two Special Teams recognitions in as many games! Atta boy, Santini! You're the bestest faker-outer! I even saw their return man call for a fair catch before getting clobbered with a hailstone, that's how fakie-outie it was!


Did you ever wonder what King Tut really looked like? How about Shakespeare? Santa Claus? Look no further than this link! Probably one of the funniest articles I read last year.