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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 11-17-14

Thawin' out.

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today Recaps the SDSU Game

Although they left out the part where Senior Chief had to pour hot chocolate on his seat in order to unhitch his caboose after the game.

Marshall, Colorado State Ranked in Coaches and AP Polls

I know this doesn't impact the CFP rankings, but we might see one of them sneak into the rankings on Tuesday. Given, there's still a few games to be played (including conference championships), and "anything could happen," as the cliche goes. That being said, I'm hoping Bigfoot suits up for their opponent's team and runs for 400 after eating their D-line.

...But SBNation Still Predicts BSU Going Bowling

Thanks for the vote of confidence, fellas! We believe in us, too!

QB Meadors Enjoys Visit to Boise State

Donte Deayon gave him the personalized tour, and immediately after Meadors gave a glowing review, UCLA gave him an offer. He would be recruited as a cornerback for BSU. Also interested in Meadors: Washington, ew.


Oh, so that explains why my wife doesn't like it when I do the "gas chamber" under the covers as much as I do! Huh.